This is our family cookbook. The fish recipes on here have come from my other site When our children Josh and Aedy went off to university, I added a Student Recipe section on that site for them too. We also had trusty Dodo book full of hand-written recipes. This is “at risk” from Rudi the dog, so here we are bringing it together before all is lost to share good things with friends and family.

To find recipes and cooking tips for students, simply click on “Students” in the Tag search at the bottom of the page. Use the tag list for Quick recipes – 15 minutes or less (excluding chopping and suchlike) .

One more thing – this web site is still work-in-progress as we test out new ideas and technology. Apologies in advance if some things suddenly look weird!

Enjoy – and feel free to contribute. Just add your own comment and if it is not too rude it will be published below the article.